Entry #35

Hiiiiiii it could be urban

2011-03-08 00:01:45 by dragonrider4567

look what i made :)

Hiiiiiii it could be urban


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2011-03-08 00:07:31

Urban: How do you define "Urban"?

dragonrider4567 responds:

Context clues.
like for one im wearing nerdy glasses which are in style and so it the neff shirts
the bright neons colors represent the parting rave life which many in the city live going to bars and stuff. and a city is urban... otherwise if you want a dictionary definition then go look it up. Urban is also a lot like mordern. except urban can be styles and designs and ideas brought back from the past and is what is so called "in"


2011-03-08 04:32:35

greate work :3