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look what i made :)

Hiiiiiii it could be urban

hello there

2010-12-04 00:19:06 by dragonrider4567

hi should i get this hair cut?

hello there

At my school there will be a pta reflects. I'm joining! The story will be about a girl and a boy who had woke up far away from the'r town in a blizzard and together they must survive inorder to live!


2010-09-05 02:19:15 by dragonrider4567

I'm making a Misaki dress up from junjou romantica and hopefully, SOUND!!
What all you imaginary watchers out been waiting for!!! YAH!!!


I'm Making a happy birthday miku flash but no sound sorry!! (well i could try but it's too late i'll wait till next year!)
Don't i look BEAUTIFUL in that sketch???
(it was originally misaki from Junjou romatica HEART HEART HEART!!)

I'm Getting ready for Miku's 3rd anniversary!!

yeah! sorta.... T.T

2010-08-06 18:01:41 by dragonrider4567

i got the Adobe CS5 proffesional flash for students and teachers but i just can't find a tutorial how to use it for free !! help me pleeease......

yeah! sorta.... T.T

Hi peoples of the world

2010-06-19 14:50:53 by dragonrider4567

My little bother (Max) has a phone that used to be my dad's that he uses to take pictures. Suprisingly he is only 3 years old and he take REALLY GOOD PICTURES. I can imagine him being successful as a photographer of some sort. Scenery or porn either one.

Okay.. well my dad teaches tennis if you didn't know. I can get in free so I might sometimes go during this summer. Kam-Kam-Chan (Urufuyasha) also signed up with her brother Khoi (at 10 got to KICK-ASS {I know shocked right?!? I saw it and it's NOT FOR KID'S HIS AGE]) And Kim wasn't EVEN TRYING. I haven't done tennis in YEARS and Naturally I'm a NATURAL. > :D

I'm going start taking lessons for the guitar again. Yes people i used to play the guitar. Sadly i only remembered one thing (actually i know a little more but i wasn't from playing the guitar) and that's the easiest song EVAH or part of the song and that's Smoke on the Water. (fire in the sky) lol. I suk

Yesterday was THE LAST FREAKN' DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!! > :D
But sadly I go to that amazing school no more. :L

yeah well I don't want to be hard on you but since i'm such a "caring and selfless 'person'" i put it on your shoulders. My grandfather just recently passed away.
Yeah..... awkward
plus im watch K-on and i rocks!

Hi peoples of the world


2010-05-26 22:29:55 by dragonrider4567

I'VE GOT A HAIR CUT!!! %#$& YEAH!!! WHOO HOO it's a dark brown with a purple tint and some highlights that are purple. :3 in this style below


pass it on

2010-05-21 19:51:10 by dragonrider4567

Too often we lose life of simple pleasures. But always remember it takes 42 muscles to frown when someone pisses you off, but it take 4 muscles to bitch-slap that mother&*%^#$ across the face Pass it on

This will be my entry. I supposed to be a greeter for everyone who enters Wonderland. but this is just the lineart Like It? Love It? Marry It? hell no. I hope I AT LEAST WIN 3rd place because that's 500$ IN CASH i would LOVE to get my hands on that fair and square

DevoART contest for alice in wonderland